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We have worked with tons of professional and amateur soccer players. A highlight video from us will help you land that D1 scholarship or professional contract!

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Deshane Beckford

Clay Adams

AJ Paterson

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Maya Askew

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Steeve Selso Saint Duc

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“I really appreciated the scouts and analysts at Above and Beyond Highlights. They picked the best moments and I think it's a great tool for any player to utilize.”

Clay Adams | Winger

Tormenta FC
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“This is a top quality video company that has made nearly all my videos throughout my career. They pick the perfect plays. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to go to college or the pro’s”

Ryan Thompson | GK

Austin Bold
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“After I sent my video out, I had 3 colleges interested in me and I was offered a scholarship!”

Maya Askew | Midfielder

Coker University
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“Above and Beyond Highlights have made multiple videos for me during my career. In my opinion they are the best in the business”

AJ Paterson | Defender

Charleston Battery
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“Above and Beyond Highlights made a professional video that landed me an MLS contract with LAFC!”

Steeve Saint Duc | Forward

AEP Kozanis (Greece)
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“Our agency uses Above and Beyond Highlights to set us apart from the competition. They are the best when it comes to scouting, analyzing, and providing professional highlight videos for our clients.”

Brian James | CEO

ProConnect Soccer

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Who can benefit from our BlueChip Athlete Scholarship Program?

Student athletes trying to obtain a college soccer scholarship, parents of student athletes looking to help guide their children through the recruiting process.

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Why a highlight video with us?

Unlike many highlight companies, we are soccer specific. We know exactly what coaches want to see in order to make a first impression of a lifetime. Our staff is full of professional scouts and soccer analysts who know exactly what you need to showcase.

What sets us apart?

Our attention to detail is top-notch! We evaluate every play thoroughly to ensure we are keeping coaches engaged and excited with every play.

How do we look?

Above and Beyond Highlights is known for creating videos that are clean and professional. Our custom graphics, slow motion replays will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Why are we so good?

Above and Beyond Highlights started because too many players were lost when it came to understanding what coaches wanted. Too many times players are showcasing the wrong things to try to get noticed. We have the best of the best evaluating your plays so you can stop guessing and relax!


3 Game Package
You Pick The Plays
20-30 Highlights
Up to 2 Instant Replays
Custom Graphic
Best Value!
5 Game Package
Our Professional Scouts
Pick The Plays
1 Detailed Game Report
Up to 3 Instant Replays
Custom Graphic