Who Are We?

Above & Beyond Highlights

Our Misson

We strive to accelerate soccer development in diverse communities all over the world.

It’s 2021 and the number of black soccer players playing both in college and the professional level is alarming and we are here to change that.

Above and Beyond Highlights is designed to create the complete soccer player both on and off the field. We focus on the details of becoming stronger technically, tactically, and psychologically.

Our programs focus on individual skill development that will separate players from their peers. We create a structure for players to be able to develop the fundamentals while exploring their unique creativity. Join our Community a.b.highlights@gmail.com

Keeping it Real: The black community is struggling to land soccer scholarships because of two main reasons:

1. There is a lack of understanding in how the process works. Collegiate Soccer Programs do not function the same as basketball or football. Soccer coaches are NOT flying around as much and the scholarship budgets are much smaller.

2. Black players are underdeveloped. Many clubs and high school soccer programs emphasize speed and athleticism, but don’t take the time to build the technical and tactical side of the game. So although an athlete may be successful at the youth level from being more athletic, it does not translate well into the college level without a deep understanding of the game.

Coach Isaiah

Coach Isaiah grew up playing high school soccer, but like many players, he had no idea of how to pursue a college scholarship. During his senior year of high school, he thought he was stuck. He had no offers and thought that his dreams of playing at the next level were over.He created a 30-day program for himself where he focused on building up his soccer skills, his mindset, and his recruiting video. After the 30 days, he was able to land over 5 soccer scholarships. Here is where he discovered the methods that allow players to stand out in the scholarship process through individual development and one-on-one mentorship.  After graduating from the University of South Carolina Aiken and spending two years at the professional level, he became the assistant coach at USCA and led the program to its first ever NCAA tournament appearance.Coach Isaiah now spends his time training and mentoring professional and amateur players from around the world. He has helped over 200 players accomplish their dreams of getting to the next level.

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